Where darkness cannot hide A journey to feeling filled- with joy, with peace

God does not settle for his beloved ones staying in darkness.
Darkness within, darkness in the heart, darkness all around, pressing in on all sides.
Have you felt it?
The dark of pain, the dark of hopelessness, the dark of fear.
God, our Defender reaches in, comes all around.
And He is light.
In Him is the light of men.
Light is willing to come within, will not relent until it finds a heart that says yes.
Light waits for an invitation.
As soon as the heart turns one tiny bit, light pierces through.
Fills, overwhelms.
Pure, brilliant light.
Enlightening our every kind of darkness.
Enlightening the mind.
Shining out of the eyes.
Filling the heart with surprising joy.
Have you felt this?
It’s yours. Just say your little yes, give an invitation, give it a try.
Your darkness cannot hide from Him.
Light always wins.
Always overcomes.
Truth always wins.
Love always covers.
Here’s to the light, that glorious, powerful light.
I say yes to it. I have to feel it filling my being again.
I have to let it shine from me.
May it come to you and be within you, too, my friend.
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