A Letter of Love- for each one of us when we need it

I’m so grateful for those who heal souls…
Those who are gifted with tenderness.
And when a hurting soul comes their way,
They have the tools needed, the training, combined with the heart and the Holy Spirit’s leading, to help heal a heart.
Danielle Kiemel 2010
Broken hearts are one thing I don’t think anyone escapes in this life.
Not if you are alive and your heart is beating and you’ve ever loved.
For this day is filled with darkness, still.
Though light is here, too and ever coming closer.
I believe that the whole earth will be filled with pure light and restored completely.
No more deep sorrow, aching sadness, despairing hopelessness.
But for now, that ache is so real.
And it comes for us, in different seasons of life and the soul.
We can’t even always carry others when it hits us, and we may lash out to those who do love us the most.
But in all of that pain, the One who sees all and feels all, He is here.
And ever coming closer to us.
So tenderly and gently, He comes close to the heart that is bleeding.
His fierceness is seen, in this context, as the fire of love that keeps pursuing a broken heart.
He won’t break a person; that bruised heart, He won’t hurt worse, but He will bring healing.
And it may hurt a bit as He sets the broken heart, but then it will heal.
Better than it was before, pain released out of us, into His own wounds.
He understands our pain.
And He also has the power to heal it.
Oh, how He has healed me.
His Word has healed, His body has healed, but mostly His presence has healed me.
I feel His presence when I listen to certain worship music. Like this one, that I’m listening to as I’m writing this. 
I feel His presence when I read Psalms, especially 16-23.
I feel His presence when I get still, in a safe place and invite Him in.
And just sit there, and feel His love.
It’s always there.
I’m afraid, so often that it won’t be. Because of all the human love that at times, has failed me.
But His love is still there.
It’s covering my past, it’s here right now, and it will be there in the future.
Friend, you are loved, too.
I started this blog for you.
Because this love has compelled me, to reach out and to be one of the ones who, in my seasons of leaning strength, can be the one to reach in, where your own pain is, and bring the soothing comfort that lasts.
May His presence fill you, be all around you, carry you.
May His pure light, His shining face be upon you.
You are loved, you were loved and you will be loved.
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